SITEK aims to provide companies an advisory service, optimized and effective to the entire technology infrastructure based on business rules and strategies of the company.

We are dedicated to providing the best service in information technology assistance toour customers through our panel of consultants and engineers based on “goodpractices” and standards.

Our IT consulting services include:

  • Planning, Implementation, Execution and Closure Project (based on PMI)
  • Process optimization (Six Sigma)
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Optimization and upgrading of IT Infrastructure
  • Technical Support (Help Desk)
  • Consulting and IT Strategy
  • Advice on Purchase Decisions in Services & Products

Call Center (External Support)

We offer a Call Center Technical Support to your company from our Call Center calledShare Service IT which is responsible for dealing with incidents of users, document,categorize and track them until the case is resolved.

Almost 80% of users call Technical Support can be resolved at Level 1 (via telephone or remote), where the rest of the cases are scaled to your technical staff or if you prefer we can also send a specialist.

Share IT Service performed: identification, processing and resolution of incidents, inorder to restore normal service operations as quickly as possible and minimizenegative impacts to your business.


Each time you build a solution to an event detected, the system saves and reuses thesolution and if they repeat the same incident.
Prioritization of incidents allows our specialists, quick and efficient resolution.

The small-scale incidents affecting your system more than any other type. Having presetsolution times in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) helps minimize the impact caused by the failure to your company.

By having all cases in our database we can send you monthly reports that will help youunderstand the most common, the more software or hardware failure or user that are most appealing, among many others.

IT Project Management

However small the project management skills required of it to handle different situations that arise, and also ensure compliance with the objectives within the stipulated time.

Projects by definition have a start date and end time, as well as a scope, budget, specific results and resources allocated in some cases causes the uncontrolled generating impacts in time and cost of a project.

“Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.”

In many companies IT projects will become eternal, costs, and on many occasions our objectives are achieved.

Some background:

  • The project outputs are not achieved on time.
  • The quality of products is inadequate.
  • Spending beyond the control of various operational and managerial levels.
  • There is a high degree of frustration in the direct and indirect users of the project.
  • The organization lost strategic opportunities.
  • Overspending occur that do not respond to the revenue produced.
  • There are no methods or standards for estimation, resource allocation, control and direction.

85% of projects fail due to inadequate start it:

  • Inappropriate goal setting.
  • Outcome unknown or poorly defined.
  • Not defined team members.
  • Availability of team members.
  • Poor communication.

SITEK mainly helps you achieve:

  • Time projects.
  • Budget.
  • Performance (Fulfillment of the requirements).
  • Alignment with strategic goals.
  • Define Scope.
  • Quality.
  • and Managing Risk

“We always aligned with company objectives and best practices in project management PMI to ensure success.”