The market in which we develop today, has over the years new needs by finding more efficient practices, competitive and profitable.

Reason arises: SITEK Costa Rica SA, specializing in different areas, submitted to market services and high-impact solutions for businesses at highly competitive prices.

SITEK is a company that is dedicated to building solutions, adapting to the demands of today with total flexibility with our customers and always with the latest technology. With these three elements, is the company SITEK XXI century, ready to solve all your technology needs.

Our company are certified in the most recognized global standard time to guarantee the quality offered in the provision of our services.
SITEK SA is part of an International Comporacion with headquarters in California, with regional offices in New York, Cambridge, UK, Germany, Moscow, Russia and Czech Republic.


Being a leader company that offers adaptable, flexible and high impact solutions for our clients, with a unique service that overpass expectations.


We are a company dedicated to offer technological solutions of high impact for our clients, with the best service and a personalized treatment for every customer.


  • Responsability.
  • Professionalism.
  • Excellence.