Your solution for Virtualization

Nowadays, businesses need to be adapted to the needs clients have, to the actual economical situations, to the growth and to the changing and competitive economical environment. That is why SITEK will give you a solution adapted to the specific requirements your company has, but also with the flexibility of changing those requirements at any time, considering your needs.

SITEK offers a Virtual Server service, adapted to your demands, being a strong and stable platform. We have the most dynamic and agile technology; this will let you start new projects immediately, without long and expensive processes of Hardware and licenses shopping.

With SITEK- VM®, simplify the infrastructure of the IT department, as long as you create the most dynamic and flexible data center, built on the base of VMware vSphere, the leader in Virtualization Platforms.



The SITEK- VM® solution helps companies and their IT departments to be more flexible and have a better response capacity. It also helps to improve their efficiency and control their costs.

Based on leader technology in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, we offer solutions to decrease businesses costs, increase the agility of the company and guarantee the freedom of choosing.

Our solutions let companies speed up the transition to the cloud and adopt a model for supplying services in a quicker and more efficient way, whether they be In House, remote or hybrid.



Efficient companies understand that markets move quickly and to be the first in launching new commercial products becomes a huge advantage. The capacity for implementing new technologies, developing innovative solutions of systems and satisfying the client’s needs, have become a crucial characteristic.

Our service includes the following attributes:

  • A fast incorporation of new resources in the virtualized servers.
  • A global, centralized and simplified administration.
  • A reduction in maintenance costs, space and electrical consumption.
  • A reduction in costs for cooling.
  • A better availability.
  • Isolation in general failure case.
  • An important saving of money related to the TOC (Total Cost of Operatoion) and ROI.
  • Fast migrations.
  • Integration with the client’s network.
  • Efficiency analysis.
  • Predetermined alerts.
  • Monitoring.
  • Automatic backups daily.
  • An increase in disc capacity, new partitions, memories and processers.



Your company is not allowed to be out of service from production applications. The virtualization made by SITEK-VM® through the platform, guarantee this cannot happen. This platform incorporates high availability and tolerance against failures; so, if at any moment a server fails, applications keep working, without a timeout, without data loss and without human intervention.

The SITEK-VM® virtualization offers to your company one of the biggest savings of money, because it let you execute more applications in less servers with the lower net cost of virtualization in the sector. Even better, savings and efficiency get multiplied with each service in the SITEK’s platform.

Virtualization is a main requirement in the IT actual environment. We guarantee SITEK-VM® can provide the most reliable platform. Our service will offer you more advantages, more savings and the best capacity of response for your business.


  • Flexibility: create virtual machines with the CPU characteristics, the memory, the disc and the network the client needs, without “buying” an exclusive server, licenses for operative systems, data bases, anti-virus or backup services.
  • Agility: the creation of a virtual machine is a process that saves more than 80% of time, comparing it with the shopping and implementation of a physical server. The CPU and the memory can be modified when the client asks for it, without stopping services and without restarting.
  • Support: your complete virtual machines and the documents storage internally in the server have a daily backup process and they can be restored in granular levels.
  • Portability: all the configuration of a virtual machine lies in one or several files. This makes very easy the task of cloning or transporting the virtual machine to another infrastructure.
  • Costs containment: the cloud technology offers to the companies the possibility of using financial resources with the maximum efficiency. The traditional technological solutions, which are implemented in the internal level, can require an important inversion of money for installations and technology acquisition.