Secure and indestructible information

We know that your business has the same problems that small and medium businesses have: from administrating the explosive growth of data, until following the policies and standards related to information security for facing critical situations before any kind of disaster.
It doesn’t matter the size of your company, your data always has to be save at any moment and from any place.

General characteristics of this service

Complete data protection

This service is a platform that let you make a backup of your documents using the Internet. This allows you to make an online backup, having an access to your documents 24/7, from any computer or mobile dispositive connected to the Internet.

It is probable you sometime have lost information from your computer like photos, documents, videos or music. Or maybe you have heard about someone who got his computer damaged or someone who was a victim of robbery and lost his computer or external disc, losing all his information.

That is why the SITEK-BackupOnline® service is the best option for guaranteeing that you and your company will never lose your valuable documents. Also, you will have the chance of recovering them at any place you will be, through an easy and fast way.

A trajectory that you can trust

Sitek-BackupOnline®, since 2007, has offered data protection under a professional quality to the most diverse kinds of clients, from small to medium businesses. Our system can recover all types of information: from a simple file to all the files you had, asking for help to the SITEK staff or making it by yourself through the Web.


Sitek-BackupOnline® for data protection

Our service has the following attributes:

  • Granular online backups, using leading technology.
  • The elimination of magnetic tapes for supporting information.
  • More velocity and easiness for information’s recovery on time.
  • The security grows because the information is kept encrypted, if the client asks for this service.
  • The multiplatform backups are administrated from one place.
  • The SLA of the service is established in 99.95% of the annual time.

More details about the benefits of the SITEK-BackupOnline® service:

Characteristics Benefits
Disc to disc automatized process There are no magnetic tapes. So, you can save time and eliminate errors, virtually.
End to end encryption Encryption is available in storage and in transit, assuring the protection of your sensitive information.
Granular processing The leading technology supports only the data blocks in new or modified files. As a result, you will have faster backup times and minimum final storage.
Restoration in one step Build dynamic and complete backups.
You can restore in just one step.
Storage by levels It reduces the complexity and the total cost of the property in the administrative processes, moving long term backups automatically to more profitable storage levels. Quick access to the information for answering to users requests.
Centralized managing base on the Web Manage your backups from any place using an Internet browser.
Support for a variety of applications Efficiency of costs, letting you using the same solution to protect multiple platforms and applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, data base, images, music, etc.

More than a backup, get an interactive interface

From the Web you can:

  • Download/Upload multiple documents at the same time.
  • Make views with big thumbnails (Thumb Mode).
  • Make slideshows with your pictures.
  • Reproduce music (.mp3)
  • Compress or unzip files.
  • Have one or several shared folders with a group of users.
  • See the details of your documents.
  • Rename files or folders.
  • Visualize easily the used space and the available space.
  • Visualize the Web in multiple languages.
  • Edit text files.
  • Make searches for your documents.
  • Integrated Media Player to reproduce videos, music, flash and others.
  • MODE_Z function for a quick transfer of files through the Web.
  • High security using anti-espionage dispositive against attacks, virus and others.
  • Leading scanning system for virus 24/7.
  • Multi-protocol option: FTP, FTPS(FTP over SSL), HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP(FTP over SSH).
  • Password encryption.
  • Restricted access option from an IP.
  • Restricted access option by schedule.
  • Restricted access option by users in group.