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The most modern platform of business e-mail based in the collaboration for small and medium enterprises, exceeding all your expectations.



If you are looking for new ways of saving money and time, increase your scalability and stability in your services, change TODAY to a Virtual Server and save until a 70 % of your inversion.



We offer a new interactive system to have a backup for your documents using the Internet and your cell phone, 24 hours a day.



SITEK FROM COSTA RICA S.A. is a company with more than 10 years of experience, dedicated to offer technological and innovative solutions for small and medium businesses, adapting our services to the exigencies of nowadays, giving flexibility to our clients and always using leading technology.


Realizamos todo el proyecto de Virtualización de Servidores con Sitek de manera exitosa.

Didier Garcia Grupo Repretel

Los proyectos de Virtualización con Sitek genero eficiencia y más de un 60% de ahorros

Julio Altamiro Biotecnologia

Estamos muy agradecidos por el apoyo que nos han brindado y hemos logrado alcanzar grandes avances tecnológicos

Egon Zambrana Grupo Servica

En SITEK me han brindado un servicio excelente y a tiempo.

Danilo González Dinterweb

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